Receive or send payments to and from anywhere in the world

Overcome the challenges of receiving and sending payments in your location, in an efficient way, in local currency and with appropriate processing fees.

What can we do for you?

Payments reception

Forget the lines and the loss of huge amounts of money in commissions and lot of intermediaries. You can receive international payments in local currency from many online platforms.

Perfect for content creators, freelancers and professionals who provide services on platforms, but also companies that don’t have options to receive local payments.

Payment gateway

A service designed for those who sell global products or services and need to receive international payments in local currency.

Payroll / Dispersals

This service allows your company or business to collect global payments and distribute them to your employees or make dispersals to the desired accounts in local currency and all this processes without leaving the comfort of your seat.


Send and receive money to and from anywhere in the world. This service is for you who need to send money to a person in another country.

Currency exchanges

Manage the currencies you need to receive or send payments, remittances and more. Without excessive commissions or many complications.

Debit cards

With our debit cards you can use the balance in your UKU wallet directly and without complications and the best part is that you choose whether you want: physical or virtual card.

Expand your online business with the global payment solutions of