Data Processing Policy

UKU LLC is a payment processing company headquartered at 759 NE 76th Street MIAMI, FL 33138 United States, engaged in the processing and transmission of payments and financial activities under license. As part of its operations, UKU LLC collects, stores and processes personal information of its customers in order to comply with legal requirements and improve the quality of services provided.

Collection and Processing of Personal Data

UKU LLC collects and processes personal data of its customers, such as name, telephone, e-mail, place of residence, personal financial information, identity documents and personal documentation in general, in order to perform verification, KYC, AML and internal and external compliance; with banks and government entities that require it as well as financial services, security and compliance companies. All the aforementioned entities are recipients of the data for the legal purposes established by law.

International Transfer of Personal Data

UKU LLC performs international transfers of personal data in order to comply with the legal requirements in the different countries where it operates and for the purposes mentioned above. These transfers are protected by the different financial bodies and fintech companies involved in the process, as well as by the laws with jurisdiction in the process.

Retention of Personal Data

The data retention periods are adjusted to the needs required by the client and the data retention laws delimited since the client requests the conclusion of its relationship with UKU. Similarly, the retention of some non-sensitive customer data is retained in accordance with the laws in order to provide regulators and watchdogs with historical compliance information.

Security of Personal Data

UKU LLC is committed to safeguarding the personal data of its customers by implementing with its partners security systems for the preservation of data security. Technical and organizational security measures will be taken to protect data from unauthorized access, manipulation, loss, destruction or damage.

Rights of Personal Data Holders

Personal data subjects will be entitled to exercise their ARCO (Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition) rights established in the applicable laws and regulations. UKU LLC undertakes to facilitate the exercise of these rights, and to respond in a timely manner to the requests of the holders of personal data.

Notification in the Event of Personal Data Breach

UKU LLC is committed to notifying personal data subjects in the event of a personal data breach, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, and to take immediate steps to mitigate the risks and effects of the breach.

At UKU LLC, we take the privacy and protection of our customers’ personal data seriously, and are committed to complying with applicable laws and regulations in each country in which we operate.