A whole universe of opportunities at your reach

Your UKU account is the key to receive and make international payments, receive funds, manage your digital business or access working capital. UKU opens your finances to the world.

Collecting and selling online has never been easier

We are a global payment platform focus on tearing down walls in the e-commerce in your location.

We provide the solution you and your company needs.

We receive international payments in your local currency from many online platforms.

Perfect for content creators, freelancers and professionals who provides platforms services or companies that don’t have the option to receive local payments or the available options they have generate high commissions.

Payment Gateway

A service design for those who sell products or offer global services and need to receive international payments in local currency.

Payroll/ Dispersals

This service allows small and big business collect global payments and distribute them to the employees or make dispersals to the desires accounts in local currency.


Sending and receiving global remittances. A service designed to send and receive remittances from and to any country in the world.

Currency Exchange

Manage the currencies you need to receive or send payments, remittances and more. Without excessive commissions or many complications.

Debit Cards/ Digital and physical

Allows you to use the balance in your UKU wallet directly with a virtual or physical card.

Manage your finances easily from wherever you are.

Your ideal partner for the management of international collections and payments.

Expand your business without limits

Expand your frontiers!
1A one-stop solution for those who provide services to world costumers and platforms. In an increasingly digital global economy, we provide multiple ways to receive your payments or pay your suppliers and partners wherever you are.

One account.

A universe of opportunities.

Your UKU account is the key to unlock a universe of opportunities. Whether it’s making international payments, receiving funds, running your digital business or accessing capital, UKU opens your business to the world. Join the Ukers who are already enjoying the benefits of unlimited finances.